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Gentle Heat Waxes Deep

Finally, a ski and snowboard hot box at an affordable price!

Ski & Snowboard Sauna's patented heating process uses gentle radiant heat to evenly and safely warm your ski and snowboard bases for maximum wax penetration. Hot box users have reported that a few hours of treatment is comparable to up to 30 hand ironings!

Racers and serious ski and snowboard enthusiasts have been hot boxing—or talking about hot boxing—to super saturate their ski and board bases for longer lasting results. Recreational skiers appreciate the simplicity of a few Ski & Snowboard Sauna treatments per season versus the time-consuming repetitive hand ironing and scrapping that used to be the norm. With Ski & Snowboard Sauna, simply hand iron an ample amount of the recommended wax onto the ski or snowboard and place in the Ski & Snowboard Sauna for 2 to 4 hours. Check them once or twice midway during the process and add extra wax if needed. Racers simply add the appropriate race day wax based on snow conditions to finish the process.

Color may vary between red and blue fabric exterior depending on fabric availbility.

Original Ski & Snowboard Sauna

Original Sauna: $1275.00

A great addition to ski shops!

Numerous combinations of skis and snowboards (Capacity will vary and is determined by the size and shape of each ski and snowboard)

For more information, call: 1-800-622-8444


New! Lightweight, packable model


portable model


Packable Sauna: $895.00

Portable Model holds up to:

For more information, call: 1-800-622-8444